Sunday’s Working

Almost my YouTube time today is about watching how cute Naomi Osaka delivering speech or comments in front of audience and media. She is a first Asian who become the best at tennis world. Next week she will be number one at WTA. A brown skin girl who still 21 years old is being popular after being winner at US Open beating Serena Williams in the final. Yesterday she won Australia Open against Kvitova, 2nd rank of WTA.

Anyway, Osaka for me is inspiring. I like her not because of her playing but her attitude like mostly Japanese who so humble. Some media said that Osaka couldn’t smile, she is serious woman. A YouTube video revealed that Osaka’s boyfriend is her racket and ball. This is so funny I think. Whatever media said, Osaka is the best on tennis, one and only for Asia athlete.

Enough for Osaka. Back to the title. I am now at Terminal Coffee, a coffee shop not so far from my home. I plan to work finishing a fucking paper that have been started since 2017. I don’t like it’s title but I must finish this because job. My coffee is ready, so is my laptop. Let’s start working. Enjoy this evening guys.


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