Taking interview as usual for me as former journalist is relatively not difficult. But how take in-depth interview for research is not easy. We must have a framework before going to the field directly. Interviewee potentially talks alot about many things that have no relation to our materials in research. The way that we must prepare is creating a framework.

Framework is such points that we want to explore from selected informant or respondent. It will guide us during interview. For newbie researcher (especially qualitative) points of framework will make our interviewing becomes rigid and has not enough flexibility. But, I believe sometime we can master technique of interview in line with our experience. The framework will be just our remind, unwritten in a sheet of paper.

As a newbie researcher, one thing important is to keep learning about it. Be patient !

Someone Special

Today’s main agenda was interviewing founder of FIN Komodo, a mini jeep car that is excellent run in muddy land. We came to him manufacturing company in Cimahi. I got much lesson here. One thing I remembered that building industry needs high leadership especially and in-deph focus. It then creates culture that differentiate with other. I surprised that he is from Lamongan, same with me. Interacting with him make my idealism greate again.

Sunday’s Working

Almost my YouTube time today is about watching how cute Naomi Osaka delivering speech or comments in front of audience and media. She is a first Asian who become the best at tennis world. Next week she will be number one at WTA. A brown skin girl who still 21 years old is being popular after being winner at US Open beating Serena Williams in the final. Yesterday she won Australia Open against Kvitova, 2nd rank of WTA.

Anyway, Osaka for me is inspiring. I like her not because of her playing but her attitude like mostly Japanese who so humble. Some media said that Osaka couldn’t smile, she is serious woman. A YouTube video revealed that Osaka’s boyfriend is her racket and ball. This is so funny I think. Whatever media said, Osaka is the best on tennis, one and only for Asia athlete.

Enough for Osaka. Back to the title. I am now at Terminal Coffee, a coffee shop not so far from my home. I plan to work finishing a fucking paper that have been started since 2017. I don’t like it’s title but I must finish this because job. My coffee is ready, so is my laptop. Let’s start working. Enjoy this evening guys.


This morning was last meeting for students who joined Internship program at PPID ITB. There were 6 of 10 members who attended the meeting. As coordinator of the program, I represented leaders of the campus who couldn’t come to the meeting. We gave certificates to each of them then we took photos with them before every one of us leaving the place. For me, this was my first time managing students to do specific jobs representating campus formally. I got a lot of lessons : job desk, control, timeline, etc. But the most precious thing is how I can understand people. See you in other opportunity guys !


This day is relatively busy with many jobs in front. For reviewing working report then directing students who take internship and run interview for internship batch 2 candidates. There were three students interviewed, two people remaining.

I was happy when my request for interview to founder of FIN Komodo was received. Next week my partner (lecturer) and me went to his company in Cimahi. Visiting company especially for technology-based company for me is very interesting. It makes me motivated to do something big that create beneficial for people.

If the first interview is for working, the second one is for research. I deeply love both job : professional and research but how to master them needs time. Btw, there is a student waiting for interview, I must finish this article now.