Gojek Driver Said

This morning my schedule was paying annual tax for my motor cycle. I planned to do it at on the spot samsat at Dago Car Free Day but I was late. Its official directed me to go to Lucky Square. While I was on the bike, the driver told me much more about his experience getting someone he love that now being his wife. I forgot what things that bring us to this conversation.

Some important points of the conversation are below :

1. Make sure that someone you like is close to you. She feels comfortable talking with you.

2. Frequently of communication is needed to make your relation closer.

3. If she doesn’t give positive feedback, let you leave her. Go ahead to look for another one.

4. Don’t think several step ahead if you are on the beginning of communication. Enjoy your process.

5. Make sure that you are a man with confidence. If the moment comes, say that you love her. Let her give a honest answer.

Ok, that’s all. Forget the past and move on.


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