Kong Dji

I have just hung out with office-mates in a coffee shop, warkop Kong Dji. This place is so famous in Belitong. We ordered milky coffee. I asked to give me one more cup. What’s wonderful night.

Vietnam Drip

I don’t know why people name “vietnam drip”. I like this coffee drink in the evening to night especially if rain comes. It tastes sweet of combination between milk and arabica coffee. This evening I coffee in Terminal Kopi at jalan cemara nearby jalan sukajadi. Today this coffee shop is full of young people. A single girl is sitting about two meters beside me, she looks busy with her gadget.

Being Human

Lesson-learned that I got tonight was from A. He is a “chef” of fried rice. Easily we met him in T junction of Haur Mekar street not so far from monument “Civil Struggle” Bandung. I called him “Don Juan” because of his mastery in taking relationship with women. When waiting for my order, I listened his advice about how to know a woman. Or I share my point of view about life.

This night we talked about how happy to be a man without fear for the future, loss something, and so on. It is a man with freedom. So, if you know some one new, let you talk as usual as possible, without makeup, without thinking you will get something. Becoming that means that you are on the track to be HUMAN.

Gojek Driver Said

This morning my schedule was paying annual tax for my motor cycle. I planned to do it at on the spot samsat at Dago Car Free Day but I was late. Its official directed me to go to Lucky Square. While I was on the bike, the driver told me much more about his experience getting someone he love that now being his wife. I forgot what things that bring us to this conversation.

Some important points of the conversation are below :

1. Make sure that someone you like is close to you. She feels comfortable talking with you.

2. Frequently of communication is needed to make your relation closer.

3. If she doesn’t give positive feedback, let you leave her. Go ahead to look for another one.

4. Don’t think several step ahead if you are on the beginning of communication. Enjoy your process.

5. Make sure that you are a man with confidence. If the moment comes, say that you love her. Let her give a honest answer.

Ok, that’s all. Forget the past and move on.

Move On

Woman is unique creature that not easy for us (actually me) to understand. Some people said that woman is strong with her feelings, so if you get her heart you will get her love. Ya, the theory is easy to say but not easy to practice. Maybe degree of my sensitivity to woman is low, is that because my ego is dominant ? or my logics ? Let you (women who know me) rate me. Some woman ever said to me, but I forgot what’s the points. I am too busy with my works, I have no enough time to make some woman close to me.

Yesterday was the time to me to instrospect. For several times I was failed to make relationship with someone. Maybe I need mooore time to learn. It is the time to move on.

I write this short diary in Yellow Truck Patuha, for the first time I am here.

Follow Up

This morning was the time to report progress of yesterday meeting. There were 16 reputable papers must be highlighted to be inserted to two chapters : background and literature review. To sort main points of each paper, we must read carefully then interpretate and puzzle it into systematic paragraph. This process actually needs our imagination. It is not easy thing. This evening will be my time to follow up what I have already earned last morning. Let’s work !

Hard Start

Writing good paper is not easy. It needs several steps simultanously. You can’t skip one step then move to another step. It needs your full concentration especially for you who are newbie like me. I have no experience writing paper in some reputable journal, but I have for conference proceeding. Because of this, I must try to work with lecturers. I applied to be research assistant with lecturer A. Unfortunatelly he never give me some things that make my competency upgraded. He just direct me to do something but never be checked. It make me boring actually, so then I am focus to another job. There was no paper published with him for along middle of 2017 to nearly end of 2018 even just Q3.

October 2018 was the time. I met lecturer B. He is perfect man in research. Our research topic relatively similiar. I enjoyed meeting with him for the first time. One month and half left, I got stuck. He explained about what does good paper should be. Talking about introduction, we must select 15 reputable papers then took them as its reference. We must read slowly then think hard all of them whether they can be cited or not. I am now in the process for doing this. Even last evening meeting was shameful for me, I think it was time for my beginning. I must study hard more than before.