That is a title of the playing movie. I watched last hours in CGV BEC. I give 9 of 10 rating for that film. As it’s title, it is about how to get something. The “thing” refers to someone. Then how interesting is it? Someone is daughter of a single parent, a father. She was lost contact misteriously. Her father then asked for help to the corp by phone. A detective namely Vick then run the job. She tracked it’s chronology detailly and professionally gave to Mr. Kim, Morgot’s father (a wanted girl), good service in handling the problem. Evidently the detective is suspected of this case. She designed this drama in order to her son not to be jailed after pushing Morgot to some cliff. Vick assumed that Morgot was died so only thing she could do was to make sure that everyone think that the girl was really dead.

A Puzzle

The good thing of the film is it’s puzzle is not easy to answer. Those were several suspect candidates : Morgot’s friend (more than one), detective Vick, Kim’s brother, and admitted old guy (then known as Vick’s conspiracy). This film is worth to watch.


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