My First Book

My book had just published last friday (21/9) this month after spending more than 1 year 2 months to write it. This was my memorable time for me since firstly started writing in 2011. Special thanks for Pak Djoko Sardjadi and Pak Sonny Yuliar for supervising me during my process in writing. It was tiring time for me that frequently made me stressful. Now all of that is paid off. Thank you !

A Process to be “Me”

You can’t choose another world.

Basically as human we must have interacted with many people : while working, hanging out, refreshing, playing social media, and so on. This all can create new perspective for us : positive or negative.

If we have strong commitment to something we believe, possibly environment will be colored because of our existency. Minimally, we will not change to be others. But if we have no it, we will alliniate to be someone. This all is a process to be “me”.

It shows that to be our selves is not easy things.

The question then is how to be “me” ? Keep learning and always commit to improve our selves.

As young generation living in this era is not easy. When we work for a beraucracy, there is limited change to optimize our creativity, to create breakthrough. When we create startup, we will work all the time with limited income we get. When we create new venture, hard to us to be new conglomerate because the old one will always dominate market. When we work just being employee with limited salary, hard for us to be independent.

Those conditions strongly convince that to be “me” with independency is hard even it always have chance. Isn’t life is struggle ? So, just hard work to be you.


That is a title of the playing movie. I watched last hours in CGV BEC. I give 9 of 10 rating for that film. As it’s title, it is about how to get something. The “thing” refers to someone. Then how interesting is it? Someone is daughter of a single parent, a father. She was lost contact misteriously. Her father then asked for help to the corp by phone. A detective namely Vick then run the job. She tracked it’s chronology detailly and professionally gave to Mr. Kim, Morgot’s father (a wanted girl), good service in handling the problem. Evidently the detective is suspected of this case. She designed this drama in order to her son not to be jailed after pushing Morgot to some cliff. Vick assumed that Morgot was died so only thing she could do was to make sure that everyone think that the girl was really dead.

A Puzzle

The good thing of the film is it’s puzzle is not easy to answer. Those were several suspect candidates : Morgot’s friend (more than one), detective Vick, Kim’s brother, and admitted old guy (then known as Vick’s conspiracy). This film is worth to watch.

Limited Chance to Write

This week was very busy for me. There were two events that must be prepared well. First is launching for PPID App that was held yesterday and second is first meeting for PPID internship that was held this morning. How to prepare them is not easy thing. Another one, I also did my research taking interview with several lecturers. This week I got seven, hope next week it will increase significantly.


This is a picture before Bu Dyah left meeting room after delivering materials about PPID ITB.

Public Lecture from The Seniors

This morning there was public lecture held by Faculty of Math and Natural Science ITB. This lecture was started in 2015, one year after my graduation. It’s initiator was Pak Hendra, a professor of Mathematics. I firstly interacted with him since my undergraduate when I was an activist. The prologue letter of my first indie book was delivered by him.

The senior that gave lecture today were Pak Bambang Hidayat (astronomer), Pak Susanto (chemist), and Pak Tjia (physicist). I have already known two of them well before. I think interesting lecture came from Pak Tjia that explain well history of physics department in ITB. He said that those were several world class physicist that do the research in Bandung, ITB. Two of them were student of nobel Laurette. Pak Tjia didn’t mention Hans in his lecture, I don’t know why. Hans is well known as a talented scientist in physics that have academic relation with Albert Einstein.

Maybe I will write an article in bahasa, hope me can finish in this weekend.