Days Before Deadline

Three days left to finish all questionnares provided by Information Commission of Republik Indonesia. Since monday, we worked like horse with doing several works in one time. As team coordinator, I have more responsible than others. I must plan strategy to finish everything before the end of time. Sunday’s evening I planned what we should do in the next time specifically program by program. The momment time happened today when in the morning before office, I opened a new feed of Instgram account of PPID Ministry of Finance. Yesterday (if not wrong) there was launching of new mobile application that was announced directly by its minister, Sri Mulyani. I delivered this information to my boss when I met spontanously in his office. He then asked me to create brief description about it in that time. After arriving in my office, I created a powerpoint several minutes then sent to him. He brought it in leaders meeting of campus (Rapim) this morning. If there is no obstacle, this agenda will be held in this friday. I hope in the remaining days, we can make the job done well.


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