Idul Adha 1439 H

This year I spent short holiday of Idul Adha at home. Even I didn’t pray Id because of travel, I still enjoyed the rest of time. I arrived at Lamongan station at 9 am then my father picked me up. After taking rest for a while then I went to mosque. I saw the remaining process of qurban. I helped as I could. Those were several pictures I could take :

Not only doing qurban, there was unique cultures happening here. After all cows and sheeps had been slaughtered (those were 5 cows and 19 sheeps), we took a lunch from meat of qurban. The menu of that day was “tahu campur”. I thought it was delicious.

We got lot of meats in home, not only from the mosque we usually pray in but also from neighbor mosque. The qurban process happened in the next day, in my uncle’s boarding school. If not wrong those are nine sheeps were slaughtered. I took a picture below :

At the day of qurban, we made satay in the back of home. We did it together with my sisters and brother in law.

I think my holiday was too short, but it was very worthy. The existing thing was I could meet my nephew that now he is 2.5 months. See you Ilham, grow up quickly 🙂


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