Not Update for Long Time

Last day I updated this blog was monday (6/8) with the topic about saturday activities. I have been so busy this week. Even this day is holiday but working is still. This morning I tried to update social medias  for PPID ITB. Before that, I went to Kopi Aroma to by three packs of arabica. This night after spending unuseful activity (even just maybe two hours), I will continue to write my paper. I am at Terminal Kopi, a coffee shop with student price. I can’t live without working, like last evening when there was no activity I felt stressful. I don’t care this is saturday night, I keep working. Last week, I spent to hangout around Braga then to Ciwalk to go to the cinema. Yesterday I looked for the list of movies but there is no interesting one. Maybe next week, I will go to there.

Those are several progress for my works this weekend : I have a topic candidate for my PhD, had presented to my boss to the future of PPID, had interviewed three lecturers and six for the questionnaire. Another one is I had a new topic for my future research and applied concept of design thinking in my work. Even less time I had for my rest, but I feel better. This is not suceessfully enough because suddently stressful happened. Wish that next week will be better. Practice makes perfect.


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