Days Before Deadline

Three days left to finish all questionnares provided by Information Commission of Republik Indonesia. Since monday, we worked like horse with doing several works in one time. As team coordinator, I have more responsible than others. I must plan strategy to finish everything before the end of time. Sunday’s evening I planned what we should do in the next time specifically program by program. The momment time happened today when in the morning before office, I opened a new feed of Instgram account of PPID Ministry of Finance. Yesterday (if not wrong) there was launching of new mobile application that was announced directly by its minister, Sri Mulyani. I delivered this information to my boss when I met spontanously in his office. He then asked me to create brief description about it in that time. After arriving in my office, I created a powerpoint several minutes then sent to him. He brought it in leaders meeting of campus (Rapim) this morning. If there is no obstacle, this agenda will be held in this friday. I hope in the remaining days, we can make the job done well.

Idul Adha 1439 H

This year I spent short holiday of Idul Adha at home. Even I didn’t pray Id because of travel, I still enjoyed the rest of time. I arrived at Lamongan station at 9 am then my father picked me up. After taking rest for a while then I went to mosque. I saw the remaining process of qurban. I helped as I could. Those were several pictures I could take :

Not only doing qurban, there was unique cultures happening here. After all cows and sheeps had been slaughtered (those were 5 cows and 19 sheeps), we took a lunch from meat of qurban. The menu of that day was “tahu campur”. I thought it was delicious.

We got lot of meats in home, not only from the mosque we usually pray in but also from neighbor mosque. The qurban process happened in the next day, in my uncle’s boarding school. If not wrong those are nine sheeps were slaughtered. I took a picture below :

At the day of qurban, we made satay in the back of home. We did it together with my sisters and brother in law.

I think my holiday was too short, but it was very worthy. The existing thing was I could meet my nephew that now he is 2.5 months. See you Ilham, grow up quickly 🙂


At usual, every saturday morning my schedule is jogging at Saparua park. Especially this day I run for 5ks with pace 5.55 with spending around half of hour. But this month my frequency is less than last month with just three times. There is 13 days left to update.

Mahfud MD

Yesterday morning (16/8) was different with my another mornings. After praying fajr, usually I open my laptop or read book but this day not. I watched a recorded video showing Pak Mahfud MD talking about what happened behind drama of vice president candidate from Pak Jokowi. He talked systematically with the chronology of the drama. He called Romy, Said Aqil, Ma’ruf Amin, and other public fugures that make hot news in citizen world. This declaration from him potentially makes clash in Nadhiyin body and the presidential election can become as competitive as previous one.

There is substantial problem in this state structural that makes political reality complex like this. It is root problem but unfortunately almost people doesn’t understand it.

Week of Productivity

Tomorrow will be my start to work more productive than a week before. Even, I think last week I was productive but being more productive for next week is a must remembering that in the end of August, it will be a deadline for SAQ public information openness. I also must collect remaining questionnaires for my research and take interview for several chosen lecturers. Another duties (even not part of my main jobs), they also make me to spend more time. So, there is no words but “Just do it, keep move forward !”.

Not Update for Long Time

Last day I updated this blog was monday (6/8) with the topic about saturday activities. I have been so busy this week. Even this day is holiday but working is still. This morning I tried to update social medias  for PPID ITB. Before that, I went to Kopi Aroma to by three packs of arabica. This night after spending unuseful activity (even just maybe two hours), I will continue to write my paper. I am at Terminal Kopi, a coffee shop with student price. I can’t live without working, like last evening when there was no activity I felt stressful. I don’t care this is saturday night, I keep working. Last week, I spent to hangout around Braga then to Ciwalk to go to the cinema. Yesterday I looked for the list of movies but there is no interesting one. Maybe next week, I will go to there.

Those are several progress for my works this weekend : I have a topic candidate for my PhD, had presented to my boss to the future of PPID, had interviewed three lecturers and six for the questionnaire. Another one is I had a new topic for my future research and applied concept of design thinking in my work. Even less time I had for my rest, but I feel better. This is not suceessfully enough because suddently stressful happened. Wish that next week will be better. Practice makes perfect.

Si Doel The Movie

Saturday night (4/8) after eating durian, my two friends and I watched a movie in Ciwalk. This movie began at 11 pm, so we waited for a half hour. We knew that this film would tell about love journey between Doel and his behalf : Zainab and Sarah before. As you know, all of us are men, no there was no romantic anymore :p

The beginning of this movie talking about Doel and Mandra that will goto the Netherlands attending Sarah’s causin, Hans. This guy said to Doel that he would be promised with a job, but it turns out a trap to make Doel and Sarah met. Doel knew his son after 12 years didn’t meet. As you know,  when Sarah leaved Doel, she was pregnant. Doel could’nt do anything because of his poverty. Finally, Doel married Zainab but he never divorce with Sarah.

Doel is a kind man, showing of a ideal betawinesse, but he has complex problem in life that make him strong. This film is worth to watch.

si doel