a Silicon Farmer

This night I have been starting to read a book about Prof. Samaun Samadikun. It is published by LIPI a year after his death. Pak Samaun left much legacy not only in academics life with its teaching and research activities, but also in bureaucracy and industry. He was head of LIPI and commisioner of PT INTI. I think the important thing of Pak Samaun is on how he dedicated in mikroelectronic development in Indonesia with his integrative role on Academics, Industry, and Government. Even his role is very tough and complex, he didn’t leave “fuel to generate engine”. What’s the fuel ? Of course, microelectronic technology it self. Even he finally retired, he still been a senior researcher in ITB. “He is humble to every people”, said his junior in the book. I wish someday I can write more comprehensive story about him.


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