At Balikpapan for the First time

Yesterday my plane arrived in Balikpapan airport. Then by local taxi we headed to Swiss-belhotel to attend a workshop. It discussed about public service. As part of information officer, I was pointed to be part of this event accompanied by my boss. This is my first time going to Kalimantan island especially Balikpapan. So, I used rest of the time to enjoy this city. Last night I met my friend and today I visited melawai beach enjoying fired kakap and sunset. My photograph was uploaded in my Instagram account. I also took pictures around the hotel.

I had story today. Several minutes after dinner, my phone battery was shot down. During waiting for the charge I went to toilet. Unfortunately after I came back to the place, my roommate (who brough charger) had went home. In another side, I had contacted my friend to hangout this night. I then drove public transport and went to Starbucks. In here, I met my friend after using WiFi with laptop.


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