Good Luck France

History has just been made this night after final match of World Cup 2018. The champion was France after having spartan fight from Croatia. The final score was 4-2. There were several moments that never being missed by football fans in this game : own goal, VAR took decision for penalty, goal keeper blunder, and of course beautiful goal.

For this game I supported Croatia for the simple reason : rising of new champion in the World Cup. Even the result was not like my hope, the Croatian play was very impressive and their first goal (created by Perisic) was very classy. Modric successfully did his role as playmaker so not wrong to prize him as golden ball winner of the World Cup.

After this world cup, I believe that market value for Mbappe will exponentially raise. He is still 19 years old right now and played well in the world cup. In the final he created one goal. Another players like Hazard and Harry Kane will also create mega transfer if they move to another big club like Real Madrid.

Lesson-learned from this World Cup, there is no impossible for us to get champion in life if we love what we do. Just do play hard for your works and believe you will be winner.


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