A Place to Strengthen a Value

As a person, I hold a value that direct me to a man with goodness. The value is combination between religious belief and culture in place where I live in. But influence from religion is bigger than anything. It had been taught when I was a child then streghthened when I was teenage. I spent my teenage in Yogyakarta, a city of education. So this city brought me to understand what’s value of religion is. I interacted with many educated people and mostly people with high concern to value like morality. I know that a value that we hold depended to our life journeys so it will have fluctuations even up to disbelieving to the value itself. The most frequently is rising of heticancy so we must learn something new about the value its self. Learning process can be gained by in-depth interaction or discussion with experts even reading book then discuss it is always better.

Jogja with its people teaches me how value must be strengthened, so if we have some problems, this city will answer. Just go to Jogja and interact with its people.

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