Yesterday officially my first nephew from my sister had name. His father gave him name “Salim Ilham Ramadhan” with nickname “Ilham”. Aqiqah, an Islamic guidance, signs the day. It’s held in the seventh of the birthday. Those were many guests in that day so in my home was full of people.

This baby is very cute, especially when he was having taken a bath by my mom or sister. Yesterday, his hair was cut and now his head is naked.


Eid Mubarak

This day we celebrated Idul Fitri. This morning we prayed Ied then ‘open house’ letting people came in to our house and forgave each others. This culture is repeatable every Eid.

This year is with the last year before. There is new member of my family including my sister’s husband and their son. In this morning I took several photos of my parents and their grandchild.

Happy Eid Mubarak to everyone !

Radicalism in Higher Education

What will you say after hearing that radicalism happens in Higher Education who is identical in science and technology ? It sounds impossible because students who learn in those field are familiar with mathematics. From mathematics, we learn logic so not easy to us to make a conclusion before we really understand with the problems. Rigorousness of thinking is deeply trained.

So, how about suspected students who spread radicalism ?

For me, it must be something wrong with the process when they learn. They means formulas that they learn in mathematics and science is inchangeable exact law. This view then applied in religious thought. They get it from their guru so it must be right, but it is not necessarily. This inflexibility makes them intollerant to another people who don’t have same understanding. This is seed of radicalism.

The question is how to prevent this understanding ?

Let’s evaluate how knowledge (especially math and science) is delivered, does it make student intimate to study or maybe make student mean it as exact formula that create inflexibility ? The intimacy is characterized by spending more time to understanding, stay hungry stay foolish.


Baby Boy

In the early day of sunday (10/6), there was WhatsApp message came from my younger sister. She told that my older sister has just had a baby. Then I phoned my mother in that time to say “Congratulation”. The baby is boy, to easy say I call “Baby Boy”.

In that time as scheduled, I would go home in the evening at 5.02 pm in Kiaracondong station. More than 13 hours spent for the travel. I arrived Gubeng station at 6.30 am then headed to Bungurasih bus station by Go-Jek. A economy-class bus brought me Muhammadiyah Islamic Hospital Lamongan (RSML)

. In there, I met for the first time the baby boy. How cute he is.

Free “Hard” Takjil

I am on the way to “mudik” in my hometown, Lamongan. Using Mutiara Selatan, I will stop in wonokromo (but maybe more to Gubeng) then to bus station at Bungurasih or Wilangun (I don’t decide it yet).

There is something different in the train right now. It’s official gave me “hard” takjil when the train just left. Yes, it consists of rice and side dish (maybe fried chicken). Before the train arrived, station officials gave soft takjil (mineral water and dates).

So, thank you PTKAI.

Everything that it is free, it will always make us happy. Won’t it ?


Yesterday morning, I had an interview with Pak Dian, founder of AeroTerrascan. This is drone-based company specifically in providing solutions for industry by using drone. This company successfully produced 500 drones for industries like palm oil, oil&gas, and plantation since built in 2011. Three kinds of drones developed : fixed-wing, multirotor, and hybrid. Pak Dian prefered to call AeroTerrascan as a company which develops unmanned robotic. He dreams that this company then create fly drone in more far than stratosfer. Wish you and your company luck Pak !