Stay Overnight at Friend’s

Lat night was long chance I could hang out. After iftar together with my dorm folks then we hung out in some coffee shop in Supratman street. We talked about many things. After that, we then went to my friend’s indekost to park my motorcycle and went to PVJ. In that time, watch showed that already at 11s pm. There was traffict jum when heading to the location. Finally we arrived half of hour before the mid night. I only accompanied my friend who want to make use of discount up to 70 percents provided by PVJ management.  So, there was nothing to buy.

Evidently, my friend didn’t buy anything. We then just chatted randomly about many things including woman behind facebook, Sheryl Sandberg. Time showed that the day was changing and closed to sahur time. We then went home still using Grab. I stayed at my friend indekost. When one of my friends already slept, I continued chatting with other one. We were three in that time. There was important topic we discussed, business opportunity that can be created in Indonesia. Time was ended when closed to sahur time.


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