Missing My Niece

I missed my niece then I wrote text to the family WhatsApp group. His mom (my older sister) sent a picture showing that the her baby boy was sleeping. Several hours later, my younger sister sent several pictures that he had just been bathed. He looked bigger than sunday evening when I last saw him. He was powdered by his grand mother (my mom) so he looked like “kokok beluk” aka an owl 🦉:p


Today was collective election for governor, mayor, and regent in Indonesia. The term of this generally named “pilkada”. I used my vote for West Java and Bandung city. This afternoon I came to election place (TPS) near my first indekost in Kebon Bibit. Not so long to wait because an official knew me from several elections before.

Go Working

I arrived Bandung station several minutes before azan came. Then Gojek brought me to my indekost. After praying fajr, I didn’t sleep. I kept working to finish the proposal. Bandung was cloudy this morning. Gojek driver said that it had just rained. I took a rest temporary before taking a bath. After that firing the engine of my motorcycle then prepared to go office. My agenda today ultimately was “silaturrahim” because this day was my first work after Ramadhan. Several tasks successfully done. Tomorrow will be my second day. Hope it will be better.


Have you ever tried eating nasi pecel ? If never, let you try. This night I ate that menu in a warung not so far with my home, namely “Waras”. I went to there with my brothers. This menu is special even its taste is same with another pecel. Because of its place is suitable for us to chat randomly till late at night. This warung also served us some gorengan like tempe and tofu with souce ‘petis’.

This warung is also place for us to remember memory long time ago. For the first time we went here maybe when I was student at junior high school at Jogja. So, it’s like nostalgia.

The Draft Has Just Finished

It’s not easy to write book. I planned a year ago starting to write a book. But, in reality planning is not fit in with real life. It’s hard to write because you must assemble the facts from interviews, documents, books, journals, articles, and intensive discussion. All of those things need more time so if you do in leisure time, your burden is maybe will be more hard because you will feel tired. This condition happened to me.

So, even the draft still not a final text but from this, layout stage can be started. After this editing and also publishing will be done then. I hope that this book can be released as planned before.

Rumah Kopi

I still had a part of my book that was missed with the update. It was about innovation policy with China as sample. I had found with the source and completely read it. So, it was time to write down. Time showed that it was afternoon near zuhur, I planned to go to some coffee shop.

After praying duhur at masjid then I went to the city to find out the shops that open. A place usually I hung out was crowd with people then I went around and found Rumah Kopi. It located at Mastrip street not so far with my father-farm shop. I ordered iced lattee and spent the time until battery of my laptop sooned to die.

I focused writing what I planned before.

Tomorrow will be final day for editing my book before it will sent to layouter.