This is my best place ever. It reminds me memory when living in Jogja long time ago. Even Jogja is irreplaceable, visiting angkringan as a missing cure (obat rindu). This place reflects simplicity and hospitality. We can interact with its seller even not using Javanese but it’s not a problem. Like this time, I am in angkringan near monumen perjuangan and it’s seller is sundanesse whose husband is from Jogja. In this time, I just order iced tea because I have just had a dinner. Maybe next time I will order more like cat rice (nasi kucing), various satay, gorengan, etc. In around monumen there are two angkringan. Another is more crowded than this one.

Since I stayed in Bandung nine years ago, I know that those are 5 place of angkringan. Three are in around ITB and two are in around monumen perjuangan. I like much more in front of MBA Gelap Nyawang (angkringan mas Jo) because its tea, field-snail satay, and the feelings. Good angkringan is when we can create borderless between us as buyer and seller. So, mas Jo is the best because of this, I usually speak Javanese when I am in there.

Suddenly my mind reminds me to Pak Suroso in Jalan S. Parman, nearby my old school, muallimin Jogja. Hope me can visit you again Pak Suroso 🙂


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