Life Without Competition

“I will beat you to get first rank in class”, said A.

“In the next election, our precidency must be subtituted by a new one”, said Z.

“Choose me to be member of parliament, I will increase our social welfare, trust me. If don’t, let you get destruction”, said M.

“He has just getting promotion for his job, maybe because of his proximity with the Rector”, said X.

I am curious that many people like discussing about a winner that win a competition. It doesn’t matter if kind of competition is like sport championship or game. But, how if it happen in the social life ? It can create hatred I think. For example election. Main goal of this event is to find a better one that have high potential to run a government. It’s good, but in its journey, it become pragmatic and comodity. It’s like a market with its seller and buyer. Politician as a seller and society as a buyer. If politician want to be elected, he must convice society that his product (program, personality, and soon) is better than another politician. He do many things to be winner even he finally manipulate his product.  His rival will do so. As the result, society as buyer have no choise and elect the best of the worst.

This is systemic, we can’t judge which one who’s wrong. For my opinion, voting system is not suitable implemented in developing country like Indonesia. Based on constitution, the best way is deliberation (musyawarah mufakat). Here, delegation can debate with another untill to form a deal. This is more fair, people will be respected because their thought not popularity. In nowadays, there is no place for deliberation. MPR as higher people supremacy is dominated by politician. Beside that, president has dual fuction as head of government and head of state. So, all the power be with him.

Back to the topic.

Life without competition for most people is an utopia but for me not. Every day we fight for our selves, not other people. We try to better than a day before. This happen till we die. Even we finally have a position in government, actually we don’t win other people but our selves. We will think that we will do the best for the place where we are.

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