Vietnam Drip

Like two days ago, nice vietnam drip is here. I am drinking it in Kopi Gayo on Jalan Teuku Umar, near Unpad campus Dipatiukur. For me, this type is special. When I am visit here, I almost always order vietnam drip, nothing else. It’s all about its taste : combination between  filtered coffee and creamer milk, not so hard, not so soft, precisely. It is suitable to be drunk in the night like this time. If evening time, it much better for iced-lattee and hot black coffee for the morning. Because this month is fasting day, so my coffee time only at night.

First time, I knew this type of brewed coffee when my friend’s coffee shop was there. Almost every day I went there to order vietnam drip. Its barista was my junior in campus. In that time, little bit chance for me to learn about how to make a good coffee. In addition as well I enjoy the street music. Now, the atmosphere like that is not exist again. I wise up that the present is not the past, so just enjoy !

Playing Badminton

Long sleep makes me confused. I didn’t have an intention to make the day full of rest. But, I accidently had influenza this afternoon, so after praying duhur I slept again till azan ashar came. Several jobs I planned before must be suspended until this night. In the evening I must play badminton in GOR Cisitu. Because this day is holiday so I prioritize to my “me time”. Sport is part of it. I played till 6 pm after iftar.

Playing badminton makes my dizziness becoming better. We played only 6 men so it was so exhausting.

I planned that this night to finish my delayed-works, hope that all to be done well.


This is my best place ever. It reminds me memory when living in Jogja long time ago. Even Jogja is irreplaceable, visiting angkringan as a missing cure (obat rindu). This place reflects simplicity and hospitality. We can interact with its seller even not using Javanese but it’s not a problem. Like this time, I am in angkringan near monumen perjuangan and it’s seller is sundanesse whose husband is from Jogja. In this time, I just order iced tea because I have just had a dinner. Maybe next time I will order more like cat rice (nasi kucing), various satay, gorengan, etc. In around monumen there are two angkringan. Another is more crowded than this one.

Since I stayed in Bandung nine years ago, I know that those are 5 place of angkringan. Three are in around ITB and two are in around monumen perjuangan. I like much more in front of MBA Gelap Nyawang (angkringan mas Jo) because its tea, field-snail satay, and the feelings. Good angkringan is when we can create borderless between us as buyer and seller. So, mas Jo is the best because of this, I usually speak Javanese when I am in there.

Suddenly my mind reminds me to Pak Suroso in Jalan S. Parman, nearby my old school, muallimin Jogja. Hope me can visit you again Pak Suroso 🙂

Mo Salah

Last early day this morning, I watched a final match of UEFA Champions League (UCL). The games was Real Madrid vs Liverpool. It was difficult to look for good place for “nobar” in Bandung. My friend and I must move from Kedai Persib (we must have reservation before here) to Kafe Banda (it was closed, I don’t know why). So, we went to Merdeka street and then watched in McD. My position was not good, approximatelly 20 meters from screen so it was not cleary enough to watch. Then breaking to second half, we went to McD Istana Plaza. Unfortunatelly, the television is small enought but we “mager” to move again. We enjoyed the rest of the show here.

The things that I want to underline is when Mo Salah had an accident with Ramos. For my eye, there was ethical side from this. Ramos practiced hard play (even this is maybe allowed in a game) to Salah with excessive physical contact that make Salah whose body is less-bigger than Ramos then suffered serious injury. Mo Salah then was subtituted and the game was changing. Actually I was supporter of Real Madrid in that game, but I was not quite happy with the winning of this club last night. The absence of Mo Salah decreased motivation to the whole of Liverpool players. It can looked from two blunders from Karius to make Benzema and Bale created easy goal.


Old Books

Today after doing friday worship (ibadah jumah), I walked around sidewalk in front masjid salman. There were many sellers selling clothes, kitchen set, till book. I stayed long in a book seller namely Pak Budi. He sold many old books that make me interesting to observe more. I asked him how much “Di bawah Bendera Revolusi” price ?. He said “1.5 million rupiahs”. It was incredible because four years ago I bought the same book only 800k rupiahs.

Then I saw interesting three : Labbaik and Merantau ke Deli by Hamka and Zaman Edan by Kamadjaja. I bought all of them 150k rupiahs. This moment reminded me when I was an undergraduate, I was a collector of old books especially if they were written by Pramoedya Ananta Toer.

Today’s Discussion

This evening I joined a discussion about Sumpah Pemuda (Youth Pledge) compared with issues that we usually happen in our daily life. Much content we talked is about logical fallacy and also political identity that strengthened in nowadays.

Based on history, ITB was campus that sterile with political activities. So hard for external organizations to enter campus territory. But how about now? Many students are being activist in religious groups. There are less artivities that talk about how science and technology are to be discussed.

Another problem is output of its education has a tendency to be arrogant whereas this attitude is contrary with spirit of scholars : more knowledgeable, a man is being more wise.