Breaking down

I spent most of the day in the room, finishing writing of literature review about drone. This afternoon that task was ended then I planned to go campus doing some duties about PPID and research. Unfortunately, when I rode my motorcycle towards my working place then it’s machine suddenly shutted down. I guessed it’s pertalite was going to run out. It happened several meter before T-junction of Jalan Ganeca. Then I turned back to the nearest gasoline station. Pushing my powerless motorcycle made me extremely tired. Because of this I cancelled to the office and shifted to another cozy place, a coffee shop that I have been usually here.

I am working here, start to finish one by one of my jobs. I ordered lattee iced for the drink. After blogging, I will try to revise the research questionnaire that we initially did last week. I wish before long holiday of lebaran, I can finish my self-book. Wish me luck !


Again, Playing Badminton

I woke up late this morning after last night hanging out till more than 12 am. Not long after that I went to badminton arena in Kuda Putih Cisitu. I planned to have a breakfast at pisang ketan but full of people so I cancelled. In the arena, there were several friends there : Rahmi, Lino, Bagus, Faiz, and Erwin. Having no time to warming up, I directly played. My body was not totally fresh because of tired after playing this game too last evening. I kept playing even not so good. Many losses and several wins I got, bad enough. We played double with two sets. After the game, I took a breakfast in Kantin AA then did siesta. I felt fresh after sleeping especially after taking a bath.

My planning this evening was taking a photography around Asia Afrika street with Sinar. Unfortunatelly it was cancelled because of rain. Then, we just did at Dago street near Dago Intersections. I captured several objects there.

Meeting with an Unpad Lecturer

This afternoon, I met a new friend from Unpad namely Kang Azhar in Sejiwa Coffee. He is lecturer in faculty of psychology. In the meeting we discussed about our research. Firstly, I told him that right now we research about engagement with ITB lecturers as respondens. I ask him to give some recommendations to our research especially about questionnaire we made. He said that the first point of the introduction in questionnaire should be substituted by scallling to measure lecturer interest : teaching, research or social empowering. The result will be used in analysis. Beside that, statistics of research participation must be put in analysis too to strengthen it.

I was so glad discussing with him. There are some approaches that only psychology lecturer who understands and I am not. By that discussion, I know something new that enrich my perspective during research. I hope, later we can work together in another research.

2nd Day Writing a Paper Review

Since yesterday I write a review from paper I read in my blog (not this blog exactly). This second day I try to write about costumer intimacy that was proposed by Pak John Welly in last Tuesday. Mostly of the article is translation. Several parts of the paper I don’t understand. I remember three points that important to gain market : product excellency, costumer intimacy and organizational system ( if not wrong). The paper came from Harvard Business Review written in 1993. This paper will be cited in my paper together with the team from SBM.

This self program initially came from Boni, research-mate in SBM. When we discussed about the research questionnaire she suggested that to make easily in writing paper we must train out self by committing writing review a paper minimumly a paper a day. Try this and look for one month after. Maybe the burden will be come after a week or tomorrow in the third day. I don’t know. I try to commit with this because of I dream to write paper like jogging. Yes, like a hobby.


Someday you will meet someone that you feel awkward. Yes, because you have bad experience with him/her our you are ashamed when say “hello” to him/her and another reasons. Beside two reasons mentioned, because of we forget him/her name, we don’t greet when we met. My senior who works in Tracer Study suggests me that we must be kind to every one we ever known by greeting him/her when we meet on the street or another public places. This kind of “silaturahim” as recommended by religion. When you say greeting and he/she give you “peanut”, just keep slowly. You do this not because you want to to respected, but to spread peacefulness to people around the world. When you say greeting, you must have been smiling and it is kind of kindness, isn’t it ?

Orderly Life

We have a plan in the day that we must do bla bla bla, then we write down in our note by “To do list”. But, it is not easy to realize all those things, right ? I hypotesize that it because we don’t have routiny schedule that we obey. For example, we don’t have time schedule for sleeping, waking up, reading book, and so on. How to get used it ? It must be trained. We must fight for our selves. Till now, I don’t have exact schedule but I always try. Even the result is not enough good but there are some improvement to my self. For example, I like jogging so if for several days, when I don’t do it I fell something less. Beside that, after waking up, I don’t get used to sleep again. Usually I write some texts or start working. Another one, when I feel unwell then I write a blog, I feel fresh again. And now, I have a new toy “camera !”. I want to have new hobbies : photography and making vlog or video. I don’t want to waste my time by scrolling people’s timeline or just dreaming something that doesn’t really happen.

Tomorrow my plan is : waking up when azan comes, reading book, and jogging half an hour.

Becoming an Amateur Photographer

Last sunday (8/4), my Friend Mukhlis and I went to BEC after spending several minutes in Duren Juara at Bengawan Street. We arrived in a camera shop and then talk anything with the seller. He explained to us many thing about camera like comparing several products, photo demo, and so on. I listened carefully what he explained to me. Finally he demonstrate more about Fujifilm X-A10 after I interested more with it than anothers. I like this camera because of its sharp shot compared with other cameras. Even it have only 16 MP but the result of its shot is more clear. If we zoom in a picture we shot, its pixel is not splitted. This is main reason why my choise was going to this camera. With several accessories like bag, monitor glass, and lens guard, its costs 6.5 million rupiah. Its more expensive than Canon EOS M10, but I am satisfied. After having new camera, we went to China Town Bandung and hanging out in some coffee shop in Sekeloa. Last day (12/4), I tried to capture somethings around Monumen Perjuangan (Monju). Maybe, tomorrow I will use it while traveling to Jakarta.