It’s easy to say but not to do. When you commit to do or not to do something, then you write down it in your note but suddently you deny. It’s continue happen until you don’t believe with a self-commitment. Eventually you feel stressful being your self and you live randomly without planning and dream. Psychologically maybe it will be felt by every body because to be a purposeful man is very rare. It needs more actions, learnings, patience, and soon that too complex. One important thing to guide you is a value that you believe like choosing to be religious by believing in God. How to know Him is by entering a religion. In there, you try to do and not to do something in the name of God. Here, logic is used after belief. It’s impossible if you go God-path by proving God first like in science. You just believe by knowing his creatures and learning more about what he has sent through his messager. Self-commitment will be easier to do if it’s put in the name of God. But how of of you believe in God but always deny your commitment? It means that you don’t strongly believe in what you believe. So, learn and be close to your Lord !


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