A Researcher and His Lonely

Research is life time job certainly for a researcher. There is no time-scheduled like office-man for working. For example, you start working after waking up at 5 am when many people still sleeping. You read paper, continue analysis data, and so on. So it’s not compatible for you who hire someone for doing research by adjusting time from working for example 8 am to 5 pm. This decision will make a researcher loss his/her creativity because main duty is to think. Thinking needs “me time” and can not be forced. So, work-time only can be adjusted by deadline for example four months. He/can choose to work anytime so work-time is not exact for example day 1 just spending 5 hours and the next only a hour. Consequently, when another office-man spend holiday in weekend, he/she still working.

Beside of work-hour, another side of a reseacher can be seen by his/her lonely. His/her special mate is laptop as main tool. By this technology, he/she reads, writes, analyzes, and so on. I don’t generally mention all researchers will be like this. But, this condition is potentially experienced by a reasearcher. These all are consequences if you choose to be a researcher so just keep happy. The best thing in this world is always grateful, isn’t it ?

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