Talking about Love

This day, I have been spending my time in my master departement. Initially, I hoped several academicians here can fullfill my research-questionnaire but because of rain never stops, I keep discussing here about everything : study-plan, research, and love. The last was interesting. My lecturer said “the act of loving” that I catched as a way to understand what is love is. Understanding love is not easy and maybe we must spend more time, attempt, and soon to make this happen to us. Love comes when we understand our selves, it can not pushed by power. For example, “I love you so much, so you must love me back”, this mindset is not exactly true. It show that our-couple is powerless neither us. Love is like feeling and to keep this alive we must take care of it. It is dynamics so maintaining it is a must. If you want to love somebody, start with loving yourself.


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