Again, Playing Badminton

I woke up late this morning after last night hanging out till more than 12 am. Not long after that I went to badminton arena in Kuda Putih Cisitu. I planned to have a breakfast at pisang ketan but full of people so I cancelled. In the arena, there were several friends there : Rahmi, Lino, Bagus, Faiz, and Erwin. Having no time to warming up, I directly played. My body was not totally fresh because of tired after playing this game too last evening. I kept playing even not so good. Many losses and several wins I got, bad enough. We played double with two sets. After the game, I took a breakfast in Kantin AA then did siesta. I felt fresh after sleeping especially after taking a bath.

My planning this evening was taking a photography around Asia Afrika street with Sinar. Unfortunatelly it was cancelled because of rain. Then, we just did at Dago street near Dago Intersections. I captured several objects there.


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