Orderly Life

We have a plan in the day that we must do bla bla bla, then we write down in our note by “To do list”. But, it is not easy to realize all those things, right ? I hypotesize that it because we don’t have routiny schedule that we obey. For example, we don’t have time schedule for sleeping, waking up, reading book, and so on. How to get used it ? It must be trained. We must fight for our selves. Till now, I don’t have exact schedule but I always try. Even the result is not enough good but there are some improvement to my self. For example, I like jogging so if for several days, when I don’t do it I fell something less. Beside that, after waking up, I don’t get used to sleep again. Usually I write some texts or start working. Another one, when I feel unwell then I write a blog, I feel fresh again. And now, I have a new toy “camera !”. I want to have new hobbies : photography and making vlog or video. I don’t want to waste my time by scrolling people’s timeline or just dreaming something that doesn’t really happen.

Tomorrow my plan is : waking up when azan comes, reading book, and jogging half an hour.


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