Becoming an Amateur Photographer

Last sunday (8/4), my Friend Mukhlis and I went to BEC after spending several minutes in Duren Juara at Bengawan Street. We arrived in a camera shop and then talk anything with the seller. He explained to us many thing about camera like comparing several products, photo demo, and so on. I listened carefully what he explained to me. Finally he demonstrate more about Fujifilm X-A10 after I interested more with it than anothers. I like this camera because of its sharp shot compared with other cameras. Even it have only 16 MP but the result of its shot is more clear. If we zoom in a picture we shot, its pixel is not splitted. This is main reason why my choise was going to this camera. With several accessories like bag, monitor glass, and lens guard, its costs 6.5 million rupiah. Its more expensive than Canon EOS M10, but I am satisfied. After having new camera, we went to China Town Bandung and hanging out in some coffee shop in Sekeloa. Last day (12/4), I tried to capture somethings around Monumen Perjuangan (Monju). Maybe, tomorrow I will use it while traveling to Jakarta.

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