Book, Sport, Coffee

I like all those things. Book refers to knowledge, even learning something new is hard but for me it’s interesting. Every day I spend my time to read or think. That is part of my job in research. Then, I feel tired when I don’t spend my time for jogging. Since last December 2016, I routiny have jogging and monitored by app Nike Run +. Beside that, I also play badminton every sunday morning. Meanwhile, I mean coffee is sign that we are focus to work. I always spend the time to do my work in coffee shop. Almost every morning I drink black “Aroma” coffee. It is my partner while start working or just welcoming rise of the sun.

I then dream that some day, I can build an integrated sport arena with integrated information technology. In the arena, there are coffee shop and also library. I want to share my like to people. It’s kind of education I think. If book, sport, and coffee are combined in one statement, we can get a meaning “Success is combination between intellectual, health, and working hard”.


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