It’s easy to say but not to do. When you commit to do or not to do something, then you write down it in your note but suddently you deny. It’s continue happen until you don’t believe with a self-commitment. Eventually you feel stressful being your self and you live randomly without planning and dream. Psychologically maybe it will be felt by every body because to be a purposeful man is very rare. It needs more actions, learnings, patience, and soon that too complex. One important thing to guide you is a value that you believe like choosing to be religious by believing in God. How to know Him is by entering a religion. In there, you try to do and not to do something in the name of God. Here, logic is used after belief. It’s impossible if you go God-path by proving God first like in science. You just believe by knowing his creatures and learning more about what he has sent through his messager. Self-commitment will be easier to do if it’s put in the name of God. But how of of you believe in God but always deny your commitment? It means that you don’t strongly believe in what you believe. So, learn and be close to your Lord !

A Researcher and His Lonely

Research is life time job certainly for a researcher. There is no time-scheduled like office-man for working. For example, you start working after waking up at 5 am when many people still sleeping. You read paper, continue analysis data, and so on. So it’s not compatible for you who hire someone for doing research by adjusting time from working for example 8 am to 5 pm. This decision will make a researcher loss his/her creativity because main duty is to think. Thinking needs “me time” and can not be forced. So, work-time only can be adjusted by deadline for example four months. He/can choose to work anytime so work-time is not exact for example day 1 just spending 5 hours and the next only a hour. Consequently, when another office-man spend holiday in weekend, he/she still working.

Beside of work-hour, another side of a reseacher can be seen by his/her lonely. His/her special mate is laptop as main tool. By this technology, he/she reads, writes, analyzes, and so on. I don’t generally mention all researchers will be like this. But, this condition is potentially experienced by a reasearcher. These all are consequences if you choose to be a researcher so just keep happy. The best thing in this world is always grateful, isn’t it ?

Being You

Every body has secret that’s must be kept. It’s not easy to do it. Only someone who always stabilize the emotion can do this thing. “Talk less do more” should be internalized to every one. Be your self and make it proud.

Research Manager

This morning I read an article written by Indroyono Susilo in KOMPAS. Initially he said about a speech of Presiden Jokowi that to evaluate research that has no significant contribution in the real world. He then proposed an idea that to make our research meaningful, we must have someone that concern in its management. He said research manager. His duty is to make sure that all research that’s contributed by university, institute, department, and soon has a right direction. There is no overlap between them, so research funding will be put in right place so it becomes more efficient. Every year we spend trillions for research, even it less than 1 percent of GDP, it’s result is not significantly good (let’s look for percentage of publication).

Research manager in my mind must be accomplished by special task force in direction of ministry of research and higher education education. The duty is to evaluate, map, and create road map of our research. By this existence, I hope that we will hear a program to not just support publication in reputable journal but give direction and stimulate collaboration with many stakeholders that have impact in research.

Aerodynamics Solution-Based Company

First time I knew UAVINDO Nusantara as Unmaned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) company, a small enterprise that produce UAV or drone. But, after taking much interview with its player including its founder and director right now, this a solution-based company with aerodynamics as its core basic technology. So, since this company built in 2000s, variety of UAV that’s successfully produced just several. But it has many another products like wind tunnel, skydiving tunnel, survey car, and so on. When I asked its director last minute ago he convinced me that UAVINDO is solution-based company with aerodynamics as its core competency. He chosed that concern (not a drone company with its manufacturing) because of long history of this company when initially built. Its nature was not absolutely commercial, there was spirit to educate. In my term, this company is an university that only focus in solving problem using aerial technology. Wait my long story about this company in my upcoming book.