At Caffee Bene

This time I am waiting for interview with a former engineer at UAVINDO, now he has a company that concern in mapping. He said that he is in a meeting place, I then replied “I will wait”. Because of his reply on WhatsApp I stopped working with my laptop. I then choose to write in this blog. As you know, this is my first time being at Coffee Bene. I ordered a cup of iced lattee costs 33k rupiahs. It’s scenery is so good if you want to work or just hanging out with your friends. But for me, I prefer other place like Yellow Truck at Linggawastu. Not because of price but because it’s atmosphere is good for leisure like if you want date with your girl friend.

I have just finished interview with Pak Sofan, a teammate member of UAVINDO in the first beginning. I explored what he did when working together with Pak Djoko. He said that Pak Djoko gave him many opportunities to run big projects and meet with many bosses. So these experiences stimulate his confidence when he run a company independently. He now run a company that have 100s employees. “For the next opportunity in mapping business is big data”, he said. I do agree.


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