Today I met Pak Djoko Sardjadi for x times (I don’t know exactly how many times I met him) for presenting what I have done about the book. I revised list of its content with just four chapter. I try to use less theory and more in telling story about UAVINDO journey. Pak Djoko’s reply just a few, if it’s not wrong only one thing : the writing style must be projeted to stimulate inspiration for every one who read the book. I then took interview with him  for half hour. I ask him about straight question that I didn’t get in the interviews before. One interesting point is when demonstration of UAV created by Pak Djoko and team. In that time, their UAV was crashed because of lack of proper communication control from remote to UAV. So that tool is being offline. As team leader, Pak Djoko gave his team moral support to make them keep going in developing UAV. One lesson-learned I get from here : Never Give Up !


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