Back to the Project : Drone Company Review

If I write down in this blog means that I am in going to continue my project. I have told about this several days ago but it must be suspended because my another project must be done first. Well, a cup of coffee is ready, I have just watched several videos in youtube that describe about drone company ; national and international. Beside that I rewatched again about my senior profile whose capacity in buiding drone for mapping for the purpose of research. I do believe that what I am doing right now have much benefits. It’s not about narcism but to report what have national company achieved in developing drone technology. How to make our company to be scaled up is not about technical capability but also another elements. As alumnae of development studies and also being a researcher is school of business, I am encouraged to show those elements to make every single stakeholders needed understands to make a breakthrough. In my mind, the way to realize a technological state one and only is we must understand our existing problems including all aspects (elements) that shape them.

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