Wasting Time

My job is a researcher so I spend several times (hours ?) to write a report like a scientific journal. When I try to write (and also read, simultaneously) I need “me time” to focus, keeping silence to make the job done. Theoretically it is easy : shut down all social medias and also musics and start working, but in reality it is very hard. When you start reading some journal, accidentally your mind remind to some one and then you open Instagram to know the latest update from her. This is very annoying but you can not stop it because you are addicted. This is virus I think, but it is hard to stop. Frequently I try but still failed. I then think how to overcome this condition by thinking slowly when in same time I do both : working and socializing by social media. Even I waste my time so much but I don’t feel stressed. When I choose to be strick “say no for sosmed” and life in silence by being truly researcher (is there a fake one?), maybe my life will be in the burden. I want to be a good researcher by make my mind focus, but I must be patient because it must be trained slowly but surely. Remember a javanesse proverb “Alon-alon waton kelakon” ?

Ngopi, a New Culture in My City?

I do not know precisely when Lamongan is filled by many coffee shops. When I went home July 2017, the shops were not as many as today. The shops not just type of warung but cafe like in big city. For example in this time I hang out in a cafe that operated since a month ago. Many people come here. Let me talk about a cafe I visit, namely Lik Coffee. It is located in near a new street in the west of Lamongan city. I knew this cafe when I did driving course. The price of all items sold is cheaper than many cafe typical in Bandung city. Today I ordered two cup of coffee : Java raung (8k) and Flores (7k), Tea (3k), Noodle with egg (7k), and laptop charging (4k). Even this shop is quite new but its visitors are always there. I do not know why many people like hanging out in a caffee shop. Is it a new culture in my city ?