Luke Skywalker and The Last Jedi

Last afternoon I watched “The Last Jedi” in Senayan City XXI in the waiting to ticket to Bandung at 18 pm. The movie showed quite late because of many advertisements displayed before. In this brief note, I want to tell what I remember from the movie.

The main actors are Rey, Finn, Ben Solo, and Luke Skywalker. In the beginning, Rey comes to master Jedi, Luke Skywalker, to learn something from him. Luke refuses firstly but he then allow Rey to be his student. Luke looks some darkness from Rey and this close to what happen in Kylo Ren (Ben Solo). Luke uses old way in method and this makes Master Yoda dislike. Rey then meet gently to Ben and she is carried in throne of suprime leader of the darkness, Snoke. Incredibly, Snoke is murdered in light siber of Ben and then both (Rey and Ben) finish all of Snoke’s guards. In the end, they have no agreement about the future of the order.

Ben and Rey are head to head in a war. Without suprime leader, the dark side is in inbalance. Ben and another top chair (I forget with the name) are in competition leading their troops to attack Leia’s  where Rey is on her side. Because of Leia ship will be attacked by Ben’s troops and based on calculation it will be crash, one way Leia and his teammate must find the suitable solution. The solution found by Leia herself after spending long rest after first attack even one of the best driver (I forget with the name) recommend another way — finding a hidden place with small ship (it is difficult to be detected by the enemy).

Leia’s then hide in some cave but Ben not long find them. Suddently, Luke Skywalker is on Leia’s side. He fight Ben but it is not the real Luke, but just his shadow. The real Luke still in his residence, in some small island. The shadow shows Luke’s power that come from his contemplation (pertapaan). Luke then dies after the Leia’s meet Rey and then they go away to another place.


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