Hanging Out with Dorm Family

Last night, I hung out with my friends when I was a member of leadership dormitory, PPSDMS Nurul Fikri (now Asrama Kepemimpinan). In this time, Mas Nurman was the host. We gathered in Kafe Tangga in Terusan Tubagus and discussed not just about our routine but also about the opportunity and potential problem for the future, so we must wait and see. One point I got a lesson was business must be sustainable and scalable (lesson from Fahmi). We continue our talks in D’Cube Dipatiukur. While we talk each other, we wait Abdul but he never be seen. In this time Mas Nurman talk about political economy. Yazid went home first and so do Deden (not joining talks more). But as you know, another interesting talk was about getting prospect wife. I asked Mas Nurman and Yazid about that point, there are now husband. 

Argo Parahyangan, 1 Oct 2017

IoT and Latte

Last evening, there was meeting that discuss FGD preparation for next week. The topic of the FGD will be Internet of Things (IoT). I think now it is hot issue in ICT world. In the FGD we will discuss market opportunity for IoT local industry and plan suitable policy to make it grow. We will invite several players and also another stakeholders like ministry of Information and Informatics (Kominfo) and ministry of industry (Kemenperin). During making note about last meeting, I drink latte. I choose Coffindo as place to coffee time.

Indie Musics

Maybe last month, I had just known musics of Banda Neira closely and directly I fell in love with it. Then almost every day I listen its songs especially in the night when I do my projects or before sleeping. Its songs so soft, simple, depth, and romantic. Its musical is not crowd with lots of tools played but just by accoustic is enough reflecting the soul of the song. Unfortunately, since December last year the group was disbanded. Knowing Banda Neira makes me deeply browse another indie musics like Payung Teduh. The genre is tipical. I listen also another musics-genre like OSD (Orkes Semi Dangdut) HMT with its popular song “Goyang Erika”.

“Goyang Erika Luar biasa …”

Surabi Saparua

After completing jogging 5k from Fitness park to GOR Saparua, I take a breakfast in Surabi Saparua. This is my first time here. Even it looks legendary I never go here. So long I have not eating surabi so this morning is very special. I order two kinds : kinza (surabi with red sugar) and Pisang keju susu (combination of banana, cheese, and milk). This surabi is so special because of its process using tungku, not LPG cooker. One of surabi can be seen below. This is kinza.

It is Banda Neira

I am in Tri Tangtu, a coffee shop in Dago Pakar. Here, I try to code my data from the interviews I have done before. When I read, cut and paste, and write there are beautiful songs came from a speaker. “It’s familiar”, I think.

“Sampai kita tua sampai jadi debu…”

Yes, Banda Neira. Even sometimes I feel boring with its songs but in this time, not. The view of this cafe is supporting. The songs and view are match.

The songs are very romantic.