Inside Economy Class Bus

Now, I am heading to my regency, Lamongan from bus station, Bungurasih. I arrived here half hour ago delivered by Go-Ride Gojek from Gubeng station. When I have just arrived here, there was a man directed me to a special parking place for economy class bus route Surabaya Semarang. I tought its free, I must pay 1ok rupiahs. I waited several minutes then I got a bus I want. This bus is very busy, full of people. I try to enjoy it. Enjoy mudik everyone :p 

Inside The Train

I am on the way to Gubeng station, Surabaya, by a train “Turangga”. Maybe I last wagon five years ago when I was in 3rd grade of my undergraduate. This train is not significantly different with for the last time I ride it. Its interior was old even its site is still special. But, comparing it with Argo Parahyangan (economy class), it is on its behind. Even this.comparation is not equal but it can be looked in one aspect “interior”. FYI, my seat-mate is Desi, 3rd year undergraduate of SBM ITB. We have talked too much about many things. She is 5 years younger than me and look like my younger sister. Happy mudik every one :p


Most people do not want to wait because of wasting time, costly, and others. As you know, queueing has also positive thing to you. It makes you more patient facing something. This time I am waiting for free-break fasting in masjid Istiqomah in Bandung. A lot people spend several minutes to get their service turn. I think nearly 100 people here. Even the side dish is not quite special but it is free. It make it very special. My turn is coming, see you :p 

Two Young Women : One I like

When I am reading some articles in one of public library in Bandung, there are two young woman, both use hijab. They are talking each other by doing works with laptop. I like one of them, a young-pinky girl with eye-glass. I like her style, clothes, and smile. I just observe from 2 meters in front of her. I can not speak more than just said “sama-sama” when She thanked to me after my permission┬áto┬áher friend charging her laptop in my table. I am ashamed to just say “Hi” or look her face more.