Ramadhan 1438 H

As a muslim in Indonesia, tomorrow we will take tarawih in the beginning of holy month, Ramadhan, this year. It is sign that after tomorrow we will do fasting. Luckily this year there is no different between Muhammadiyah and NU (Government) in determining the first day of Ramadhan and 1 Syawal (Idul Fitri). This night the society around have just celebrated Ramadhan by surrounding roads. Their happiness maybe same with the society in my regency. Ramadhan looks very special.

I have been living in Bandung since 2009 and since that year I never do my first Ramadhan in my home. So my Ramadhan looked not special enough because I was faced by routine activities like academics and work.  Nevertheless, I feels Ramadhan like this points :

  1. I will be motivated to do something positive especially in worship like praying fajr that usually I hard to do on time and reciting quran
  2. Sometimes I take fast-breaking (buka puasa) in some mosques that provide food or just takjil.
  3. Doing target (usually recommended amal) that I write before Ramadhan.

Maybe just that. Let us make Ramadhan this year meaningful. Thank you 🙂


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