Street Musicians 

When I am on the bus to Jatinangor, I see a talented street musician here. He is singing many songs : own-created and famous songs like The Beatles. I then think how if he (and others street musicians) is accomodated in some places then encouraged and stimulated to create some song. It will be amazing I think. I will invite them in my “knowledge hub” performing some songs and I pay for them. So further, their songs then will be recorded and sold. They can be good musicians in the future. They also are trained to know perfectly about musicals. Musics is part of knowledge and I like it.  

Creating NPWP

One thing that you will be asked is about NPWP (Tax card). So today after completing registration online, I must go here (Tax Officer) to give  a copied identity card. This is my first time. Here many people are enthusiast to take care of tax payment. I do not know exactly how much government’s income from tax but I just believe it increases. In Jokowi’s period, Government totally encourage Indonesian people to pay their tax for example program “Tax Amnesty”. FYI, I create the card especially for project administration. 

Why We are not Happy ?

Today is for the first time I went around sport spots in Bandung city. Those are Dago car free day, Saparua Park, and Gasibu jogging track. Several minutes ago, I accomplished 4 kms jogging, starting from Dago Street after Dukomsel. Now, I have just arrived in Gasibu, looking many people refreshing, jogging, playing badminton, sitting, selling something, eating something, and so on. They are looked very happy. I think that they will be busy again in weekday because of jobs and their problems.

Learning from the people here, life is not just think seriously every time. We must spend our time several, for relaxing our body and mind. It can be with taking sport or going to public space and tourism. FYI, since yesterday I officially became unemployment even I have been doing project since 2 weeks before graduate inaguration. Last day, I went to Lembang with my family spending time in Farm House, Maribaya, Strowberry Farm, and Ciampelas Skywalk. I learn from this all I talk about that “Don’t forget to be happy even life is not simple”.