Catch up the Target or Friend

I think every body will meet a difficult choise. Like me, as younger generation, I will finish something as soon as possible to get effectiveness. This morning, early enought I went to administration office to take some documents. After that, I went to Annex, head office of campus administration. After parking my motor, there was misscall from my close friend. He said that, He will have just arrived in Bandung for 30 minutes. Not to compromize, I said “I will wait you here in Balubur then we will make our job in Annex done”. Not so long after that, I messaged him in WhatsApp in same sound. This day I will be busy. I will rent (by free) my friend’s coat, buy coffee (mom’s order) in Aroma, book foto studio, check Co&Co working space, and do progress in project. Back to the title, I will decide my friend more than my target while can be negotiated. Have a nice day guys !


I have been on the way to choose a career. This week, I will be inaugurated to be graduate of master. Before graduation day, I had a temporary job – everyone calls project. I don’t want to scholar who always standby in campus, but I want to optimize my managerial experience by pioneering an enterprise. The project can be its door. More important than everything I said is to hundle own self. So hard to be disciplined our body and soul in order to do some spesific plan like jobs and targets. “Soul” means something that make us easy to think, we can throw some disturbances like laziness and desires. I believe with the clean soul we can decide everything by God’s hand. I have dream thay everything I do has good impact for me and others.

Rainy Dago

This evening, Dago – major street in Bandung – looks so traffict. Oh, this is weekend, many Jakartans spend holiday here. During I write this, two beautiful women sit near me. You know, where I am right now. I want to visit Gramedia. So long, I don’t go there. I want just to read, because I don’t have enough money to buy a new book. I want to refresh my mind after spending much time to think about CSPro. Oh, they have just out of the car, I still observing that traffict jump is never stop.


This time I am in Jakarta. Tomorrow I will attend a meeting held by crew of Kemitraan (an organization that focus on development, human right, poverty, etc). This night I will sleep in my friend’s indekost, located not so far from Pasar Minggu station. He was my madrasah friend and now as a student of LIPIA Jakarta. I don’t know exactly where I will work for the future, but I have a principle “There is no time for the rest, every day is working day”. So after my academical activities was done, I switch to other job. As a man, I must work. I have dream to be someone, but it still dream and dream is like idea. People say that 1 % idea, 99 % action. I choose to achieve my dream. Hope me so well every day, yes ?