Reading Speed

Concentration is main requirement when you read a book. Some people get that in silence or crowded. I ever see a person reading by listening to the musics. He or She looks for intimacy to the texts. When distraction comes suddenly you will stop reading or force to continue without enjoying the text. Imagine, when you read a book and you don’t get the point, how do you fell?. I am not good enough in reading book, including novel. My reading speed not fast but very slow I think. But, If I get a special book telling about topic I like, I will totally focus to finish it as soon as possible. I remembered when I was Senior High School (SHS)  during waiting for the try out, I started reading a novel created by Habiburrahman El Shirazy. I couldn’t stop even I postponed working for the exam. I was curious with the ending of story. But, unfortunatelly when I was undergraduate student, I mostly never enjoy with my reading. I read by targets so very hard for me taking a lesson-learned from the book. Reading is habit, I am aware that it is very important even I have trouble in understanding it fast. So, I strive to make reading as part of daily life. I have plan to be a professional, what’s wrong if I am also a scholar ? 


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