Make it Done

As man, our God give us mind not only to think but also to imagine. From that we always dream about many thing like life plan etc. It is good I guess, but if that is overload, it will make us unconfortable then nothing of our works done. Illution and imagination emerge everyday like virus. “I wonder if I have a girl like her, I will be hugh”, that is an example. Writing regularly in a note about target that must be done soon as possible in centain condition is very good, but it another one it will create trouble in your self. It is depend on you, I can not generally simplify that it is suitable for every body. The key (I think this is common sense) is make you love something you need to do. For example, if you want to be good author, first you must love writing and reading. If you love agricultural business you must love farming and also farmer. Love is infinity energy that generate your self doing your job done. How about loving a girl ? I am in the way to make it done, wait !


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