Last saturday (18/2), I went for the 4th time to Bosscha Observatory. The reason why I was there is to accompany Fitri, a friend I firstly met in last december 2016. She went here for the first time even She was undergraduate student in ITB. When I was inside of Zeiss Telescope building, I listened description about this observatory from Gilang (AS09), a friend in same faculty. After that, I went to some building to watch a brief presentation about astronomy. I think this was my first experience during visiting this place. I don’t take picture much more in this place. Fitri looked so happy taking picture in this observatory especially around Zeiss Telescope’s dome. Several photos I have captured by her. The next destination after Bosscha was Ciwalk. We enjoyed here untill near maghrib. 

With Her

I met someone call her A in last weekend of December 2016. I then met again two weeks later in a cafe. In that time, we told each other warmly about many things. Less that two weeks later we hang out watching movie and also mini-concert in Cikapundung, Asia Afrika street. Since second meeting, we intensely contacted via Whatsapp and sometimes by phone. She is interactive and funny women, also has something that make me want to meet again with her. She and I frequently share musics, films, jokes, etc that She and I like. I do not know how her feeling to me. When I met her, I do not feel awkward or something like that, but after meeting I missed to meet her again. Her face and attitude are not boring. Maybe those things that make me always thinking about her. May Allah bless you as always.


Maybe everyone knows about messager apps, WhatsApp. This apps-owned by Mark Zuckerberg is one of most popular apps with 1 billion downloader. In this apps, I have tens active group that temporary diaturb my job. My concentration was distracted to see or comment for every single update in those group. I tried last week that not to open WhatsApp for 9 hours and I was succesfull. But this trial is not continue. I always put my mobile phone not far from my finger. I have commitment someday that I can handle my concentration and make every single target done.

Reading Speed

Concentration is main requirement when you read a book. Some people get that in silence or crowded. I ever see a person reading by listening to the musics. He or She looks for intimacy to the texts. When distraction comes suddenly you will stop reading or force to continue without enjoying the text. Imagine, when you read a book and you don’t get the point, how do you fell?. I am not good enough in reading book, including novel. My reading speed not fast but very slow I think. But, If I get a special book telling about topic I like, I will totally focus to finish it as soon as possible. I remembered when I was Senior High School (SHS)  during waiting for the try out, I started reading a novel created by Habiburrahman El Shirazy. I couldn’t stop even I postponed working for the exam. I was curious with the ending of story. But, unfortunatelly when I was undergraduate student, I mostly never enjoy with my reading. I read by targets so very hard for me taking a lesson-learned from the book. Reading is habit, I am aware that it is very important even I have trouble in understanding it fast. So, I strive to make reading as part of daily life. I have plan to be a professional, what’s wrong if I am also a scholar ? 


Last evening (10/2) I attended first meeting discussion held by Science, Technology, and Society (STS) forum “Quadrivium” in the CAS building’s park. The topic of the day was about reality of google glass that will create impact for human. It was Haris as speaker in that time. He brought us to long time in period of Greece mithology as added-illustration beyond reality of google glass. One point I got was reality of google glass can be captured in its exoorganism of human. Another perspective also can explain it comprehensively like in theory of power. I think it will need more time to discuss further. I own self hope that this event can be held routiny in the name of free-thinking. Vivat !