Finishing Another Target

I do many things every day, even it makes me hard to focus in the duty. Nowadays, I tend to finish reading my daily newspaper, KOMPAS, that I have been subscribing since 3 months ago. When I plan to finish my thesis, I must will to stop another jobs like reading. Obviously, systemized planning like that was not make me enjoy doing my thesis. I was forced to make my thesis done. Don’t ask me with the result. After colloquium (6/1), I must revise my thesis including structure and analysis. It made me not enjoying spending my days after that.

In this morning, I will have jogging in Fitness park (Taman Fitness) then take breakfast in Bu Popong. This day, my old friend, Hakiki, will be in Bandung spending his holiday. He is master student in Al Azhar University, Kairo. Let me enjoy the day :0


Day-87 (Tomorrow is the Time)

I don’t expect it will happen like this. Two days ago awkward feeling came to my mind, I frustated that not able to finish my thesis after going home. I spent my time just in my indekost, not going anywhere, when new year celebration held not far from my place. I slept soon at 9 pm, and awaken when fireworks distracted the sky. Yes, a new day in beginning of 2017 came. In the morning, I run in Gasibu yard for more than 5 kilometers. Another side, I was not motivated to totally do my duty.

On 3rd of January, when I planed to run in the afternood, Pak Sonny sent message to me via SMS. He wanted me to meet with him at 4 pm in Mandep. When meeting with them, discussing about Bu Mayda and Bu Dewi thesis. Most topics talked about entrepreneurial university that it had subset my my thesis topic. We discussed untill 9 pm, then I went to Mas Adi’s indekost doing thesis. We worked hard to finish it to pursue the deadline-tomorrow morning. Untill 11 AM, we didn’t finish our job, suddenly WA message delivered. It came from Bu Fitri, administration board of department. She said that colloqium can be held before 13rd of January, so we may not to colllect the book before this day.

Several hours after that, Bu Fitri gave information again that Pak Sonny wanted me to take colloqium in Friday, 6th of January. So, the book must be collected this day. I quickly finished the book and finally at 5.30 pm, the book was collected in Mas Ocha’s hand. This morning, Bu Fitri sent me WA massage that : TOMORROW IS YOUR COLLOQIUM !