Wiji Thukul

Last evening I watched “Istirahatlah Kata-Kata” in XXI Braga with Fitri. This film described about runaway of Tukhul when He was one of men-list to be jailed. It tells Tukhul’s situation when He was in one place to another. Generally, this film has no impression because lack of climax. The next one I want tell to you here that hangout in Asia Afrika street  (precisely in near by Asian African Museum) was my first experience. I watched mini-concert by an indie band, ate Ice Cream, and accompanied with a good friend. Even I was not totally like about the film, but hanging out last night was like a subtitution that never to be forgetten. 


This day for the first time, I visited Selasar Sunaryo, joining routine event-culture podium. This time, Remy Sylado as speaker. I think his speech was not too special when I put it on the context estetics of delivering critics that usually artist did. My comparation was Asep Salahuddin when he was speaker in Lapmer FSRD. I don’t want talk about my opinion about something happening today (another agendas I did this day was Agora Dialektika and interview with Pak Mubyar Purwasasmita). Here some dreams I got from my today experience :

1. I dream to have a cultural place like Selasar Sunaryo with crowd and massive intellectual and cultural activities.

2. I dream to have a company corcerning in argiculture.

Thank you for this day. 


This day was very busy with full of agenda ; interview with Bu Ina, monthly-discussion in central library, and watching Human (2015) in IFI. Here are some lesson then be my dream :

1. Salt-entrepreneur by maximazing our sea and Chemical Engineers that ITB has.

2. Empowering Indonesian societies by distibuting qualified books to them.

3. Visualizing capture of societies with video and share to public online and offline.

4. Going to all areas in Indonesia, learning about its people and environment.

To be good man is not complicated, just learn more, work hard, and love everything you do. 


Several cities from different countries below are destinations I want to visit :

1. Saudi Arabia with its Mecca and Madina

2. Shenzen in China with its Silicon Valley

3. India with its IT-technopolis

4. Brazil with  its biofuels corp

5. Europe with its Berlin, London, and others

6. Russia with its Kremlin and Akademigorodok

7. Middle East with its Taheran Iran, Tunisia, Turkey, Tel Aviv Israel, and Masjidil Aqso Jerussalem Palestine

8. Southeast asia and Australia

When I write this text, I only visited Singapore and Johor Malaysia.

War makes Israeli Young people innovative

I watched a video telling about innovation in Israel from youtube. I had just known that WAZE created by Israeli. Another hardware/software like Intel and apps in facebook created also by them. The video told that youth generation in Israel must join military training. From that, their mentality to work hard shaped. Beside that, another video said that Israeli will answer a question by question. It means that they are trained to be critical. I read from a book (I forget with the title) that scientist and engineer in Israel grew more than 100 percent in periode 1950s-1980s (if not wrong). So, it looks not wrong that this country is second most innovative country after US with its silicon valley.