In this Morning, My Grand Mother passed away

When I writed point of my plan thesis presentation, there were three calls from my dad. In the last call, I responded. I kept my phone silent in that time. My dad said that my grandma, Mbah Kami, had just passed away. “Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi roojiuun”, I replied. My feeling came tonight when I called my mom. She said that Mbah Kami in last four days was feeded by liquid because of unable to eat normally. When I ‘dzikir’ after praying subuh this morning, I remembered Mbah Kami and then prayed to Allah in order to give long age even She was in critical sickness this day. I asked to God if He want to ‘dead’ my gradma, please to wait me finish my thesis ceminar in first week of January 2017. I will go home soon after my duty finish. Unfortunatelly, God answer was different. I believe that it is the best.

Not to think long, I switched my laptop off then prepared to go home. I permited to the owner’s indekost then looked for travels. Cititrans DU, Daytrans DU, Cititrans were full. I then looked Cipagant taxy in front of Ciwalk to bring me in Pasteur street. Baraya was full but I found MGo (former Cipaganti) to bring me in Soekarno Hatta Airport. The travel went at 7s am then I arrived in the airport before 11 am. In was awkward because I didn’t complete my ticket registration. Coming out from the travel, I directly went to ATM station to pay. BNI was disable to transfer, luckily Mandiri could. Alhamdulillah, then I  headed to gate C 2 to checked in. During waiting, I connected my phone to be charged, wrote my thesis, and prayed dhuhur-ashar. My flight Citilink QG 805 ready to take off at 1.40 pm. I enjoyed this airline for the first time, usually I flight with Lion. 

Praise to the Lord, I arrived in Juanda Airport 45 minutes ago. Now I wait a bus suttle Damri to bring me to Bunder Gresik. After that I must drive a bus one again to pick me in my hometown, Lamongan. This suttle has been waiting for passager very long until I am boring. Yeah, a driver enters and ready to go. 

@ on the way Juanda-Lamongan


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