Jack Ma

After finishing my pre-thesis on Thursday (22/12), I went to a movie in Blitz BEC watching Assassin Creed. This film told about an effort of scientist finding an apple that has source of free will. It can be used to remove evil’s character of human. I don’t want to tell this film more. A day later, I watched videos about Jack Ma when he was audienced by World Economic Forum at Davos. Another video about Jack Ma came from different channel. I can take several poins from him : (1) not technology shapes the world but behind technology it self, Jack Ma said dream, (2) women has significant power to color this world because they had wisdom, not muscle, and (3) Jack Ma do business to achieve his mission to help small interprise around the world. 

From Jack Ma, I learned that we must believe with our porential so maximize it and believe that our dream come true. Our mission drives our action.


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