The World in Crisis

I read some news this morning that there was assasination in Rusia Embassy, Ankara Turkey, also truck-attack in Berlin that dead 9 people. The accident in Rusia Embassy was very crazy to be told here, when a gunman shot Rusia Ambassador and made him dead. It is like James Bonn film. I think this happened because of the world now is in crisis especially in Middle East conflict like in Suriah-led Bashar Al Ashad. I read a status adopted from NYT column (if not wrong) that the assasination will not make relationship between erdogan-Putin broken but this is just a propaganda from America. Erdogan and also putin have interest in several areas of Suriah, so both leaders looked to end the war. The war is about their business, even it has been killing more than 400 thousands people since 2011 (if not wrong). Here I want to quote a song from ‘kasidah’ :

Perdamaian .. Perdamaian ..

Banyak yang cinta damai, tapi perang makin ramai ..

(Peace .. Peace ..

Many people love peace, but war is more)


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