Today is My Birthday

I am not young again. Now I am 26 years old, more that quarter of a century. In this writing, I just want to reflect what I have been doing for one year late.

I have not finished my study yet. I still concern doing my thesis. Luckily, I will present my thesis on 22 December. And then, the last ceminar (sidang) will be held possibly in first week of January 2017. In this year, my lecture was nothing. But, I took class in Mathematics for 6 credits, and sit in macroeconomics class of Mining Department. Especially in Math, I was very busy with many tasks I must do. Meanwile, in the same time I had problem with my thesis. I must subtitute my old supervisor with the new one because of something. My communication to him (old supervisor) was full of drama but I must stand on my commitment. Then, after month supervised by the new one, I got what I must do in my thesis.

In my thesis title right now, I have been doing it for 2 months. Before that, I just did another one-not related to my thesis nowsday. So I wasted my time for more than 4 months. The important one for today is to maximize time for 22 Desember, one and only.

In 26, I must publish my paper, work, and get my girl friend. That’s all my targets 🙂

Bandung, 19 December 2016


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