In this time I hard to sleep. I don’t know exactly. Maybe because of coffee I drunk last hours in Coffindo, a coffee shop near Unpad Dipatiukur. I chose Lampung coffee served by a special cup. This was my first time visiting this shop. 

This day (16/12) was busy enough. In the morning, I joined routine discussion in my department. We discussed about “How market works?” delivered by Andry. Classical and neoclassical (keynesian) economics can’t explain economic phenomenon “Gojek” and same business type like it. So this must need new definition about the market. As you know market consists of 3 parts ; seller, buyer, and place. In Gojek those are not relevant. It’s market is placeless and as only mediator.

In the afternoon, I met my supervisor discussing thesis. I must put triple helix in my analysis with depth explanation in how that system model happen in my case study : PT UAVINDO Nusantara. Then in the night, I discussed again about Science, Technology, and Society (STS) with Oki, Husein, and Haris in Coffindo. We brainstormed what scope of study we will talk about.  


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