In this Morning, My Grand Mother passed away

When I writed point of my plan thesis presentation, there were three calls from my dad. In the last call, I responded. I kept my phone silent in that time. My dad said that my grandma, Mbah Kami, had just passed away. “Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi roojiuun”, I replied. My feeling came tonight when I called my mom. She said that Mbah Kami in last four days was feeded by liquid because of unable to eat normally. When I ‘dzikir’ after praying subuh this morning, I remembered Mbah Kami and then prayed to Allah in order to give long age even She was in critical sickness this day. I asked to God if He want to ‘dead’ my gradma, please to wait me finish my thesis ceminar in first week of January 2017. I will go home soon after my duty finish. Unfortunatelly, God answer was different. I believe that it is the best.

Not to think long, I switched my laptop off then prepared to go home. I permited to the owner’s indekost then looked for travels. Cititrans DU, Daytrans DU, Cititrans were full. I then looked Cipagant taxy in front of Ciwalk to bring me in Pasteur street. Baraya was full but I found MGo (former Cipaganti) to bring me in Soekarno Hatta Airport. The travel went at 7s am then I arrived in the airport before 11 am. In was awkward because I didn’t complete my ticket registration. Coming out from the travel, I directly went to ATM station to pay. BNI was disable to transfer, luckily Mandiri could. Alhamdulillah, then I  headed to gate C 2 to checked in. During waiting, I connected my phone to be charged, wrote my thesis, and prayed dhuhur-ashar. My flight Citilink QG 805 ready to take off at 1.40 pm. I enjoyed this airline for the first time, usually I flight with Lion. 

Praise to the Lord, I arrived in Juanda Airport 45 minutes ago. Now I wait a bus suttle Damri to bring me to Bunder Gresik. After that I must drive a bus one again to pick me in my hometown, Lamongan. This suttle has been waiting for passager very long until I am boring. Yeah, a driver enters and ready to go. 

@ on the way Juanda-Lamongan

Jack Ma

After finishing my pre-thesis on Thursday (22/12), I went to a movie in Blitz BEC watching Assassin Creed. This film told about an effort of scientist finding an apple that has source of free will. It can be used to remove evil’s character of human. I don’t want to tell this film more. A day later, I watched videos about Jack Ma when he was audienced by World Economic Forum at Davos. Another video about Jack Ma came from different channel. I can take several poins from him : (1) not technology shapes the world but behind technology it self, Jack Ma said dream, (2) women has significant power to color this world because they had wisdom, not muscle, and (3) Jack Ma do business to achieve his mission to help small interprise around the world. 

From Jack Ma, I learned that we must believe with our porential so maximize it and believe that our dream come true. Our mission drives our action.


This afternoon when I had my coffee in some shop, I read then wathed something funny broadcasted in facebook. It was OM TELOLET OM. This idiom came from a group of children in some where (I guess in Central Java) that ask bus driver to voice its horn. OM refers to bus driver and TELOLET is voice of bus horn. Twitter made it viral and was world trending topic. Many public figures from around the world tweeted about it. I think it likes a joke that make us smile and laugh temporary. It can subtitute opinion war in social media recently. Here I learn that HAPPINESS IS SIMPLE. Thank you guys !

The World in Crisis

I read some news this morning that there was assasination in Rusia Embassy, Ankara Turkey, also truck-attack in Berlin that dead 9 people. The accident in Rusia Embassy was very crazy to be told here, when a gunman shot Rusia Ambassador and made him dead. It is like James Bonn film. I think this happened because of the world now is in crisis especially in Middle East conflict like in Suriah-led Bashar Al Ashad. I read a status adopted from NYT column (if not wrong) that the assasination will not make relationship between erdogan-Putin broken but this is just a propaganda from America. Erdogan and also putin have interest in several areas of Suriah, so both leaders looked to end the war. The war is about their business, even it has been killing more than 400 thousands people since 2011 (if not wrong). Here I want to quote a song from ‘kasidah’ :

Perdamaian .. Perdamaian ..

Banyak yang cinta damai, tapi perang makin ramai ..

(Peace .. Peace ..

Many people love peace, but war is more)

Today is My Birthday

I am not young again. Now I am 26 years old, more that quarter of a century. In this writing, I just want to reflect what I have been doing for one year late.

I have not finished my study yet. I still concern doing my thesis. Luckily, I will present my thesis on 22 December. And then, the last ceminar (sidang) will be held possibly in first week of January 2017. In this year, my lecture was nothing. But, I took class in Mathematics for 6 credits, and sit in macroeconomics class of Mining Department. Especially in Math, I was very busy with many tasks I must do. Meanwile, in the same time I had problem with my thesis. I must subtitute my old supervisor with the new one because of something. My communication to him (old supervisor) was full of drama but I must stand on my commitment. Then, after month supervised by the new one, I got what I must do in my thesis.

In my thesis title right now, I have been doing it for 2 months. Before that, I just did another one-not related to my thesis nowsday. So I wasted my time for more than 4 months. The important one for today is to maximize time for 22 Desember, one and only.

In 26, I must publish my paper, work, and get my girl friend. That’s all my targets 🙂

Bandung, 19 December 2016


In this time I hard to sleep. I don’t know exactly. Maybe because of coffee I drunk last hours in Coffindo, a coffee shop near Unpad Dipatiukur. I chose Lampung coffee served by a special cup. This was my first time visiting this shop. 

This day (16/12) was busy enough. In the morning, I joined routine discussion in my department. We discussed about “How market works?” delivered by Andry. Classical and neoclassical (keynesian) economics can’t explain economic phenomenon “Gojek” and same business type like it. So this must need new definition about the market. As you know market consists of 3 parts ; seller, buyer, and place. In Gojek those are not relevant. It’s market is placeless and as only mediator.

In the afternoon, I met my supervisor discussing thesis. I must put triple helix in my analysis with depth explanation in how that system model happen in my case study : PT UAVINDO Nusantara. Then in the night, I discussed again about Science, Technology, and Society (STS) with Oki, Husein, and Haris in Coffindo. We brainstormed what scope of study we will talk about.  

Day-66 (Coming Back)

“I have been finghting for my self”, said my soul. This morning, I went to central library of my campus. I have just arrived, then I opened my laptop, set internet proxy, and started writing in this blog. During writing, I listened “Superhero” of The Script and “Good Time”of Owl City. Those songs opened my day like creating something  between happiness and spiritness. I had wasted my days by standing on ‘quo status’. My thesis progress was very late, my focus was limited because of awkward thought. Luckily, I forced my self by running 6 laps every day and reciting holy book one chapter per day. My plan of the day is continuing writing last chapter (analysis) of my thesis. I wrote outline of the framework. Wish that this day will be better that yesterday.

“Everything gonna be oke”, said Bob Marley. doesn’t it ?